Welcome to the Mad Cows' blog

Welcome to the Mad Cows' blog!

The Mad Cows is the EUI's female five-a-side soccer team. We play just for fun and absolute beginners are warmly welcomed. Playing with the Mad Cows is a nice way to do some sports and meet new people to share some beers with. The members of the Mad Cows come from all environments and all nationalities: EUI researchers from all the departments, partners, members of the staff and people from outside the EUI world.
See you on the pitch!

21 February 2014

Lost in translation

  As you already know, today is going to be a very hard match. Liberta’s bitches will try to make their dirty play and they will show their theater skills everytime you barely touch them. Last time we weren’t able to communicate with the referee and threat the bitches of Libertas. So, here you have a “dictionary” for tonight.
To complain “politely”:


To insult:

Fuck yourself versions”:

Wise advices:


And finally, if you don’t remember any of these: http://giphy.com/gifs/FFvsp95AGYkE

… Or if they kick you first, remember you can kick back: http://giphy.com/gifs/m4nFFbsv8bLPy

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